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BMW Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V47.30

Compared with the previous version: 
updates as following: 
Added the following functions for DME (Digital Motor Electronics) under F01 and F10: Evaluate battery charge state、Clear adaptations、Consumption calculation adjustment、Idle speed adjustment、Ventilation, cooling system、Display, On-board Diagnosis readiness codes、Fuel grade display、Air mass flow sensor、Exhaust-gas recirculation、Glow elements、Starting torque、Bleeding, fuel system、Smooth running control、Register battery change、Register starter exchange、Electric fuel pump、Exhaust backpressure sensor before exhaust turbocharger、Mean quantity adaptation、Rail pressure regulating valve、Swirl flap actuator、Regeneration, particulate filter、Learning Valvetronic limit positions、Valvetronic running-in phase 
Added the chassis F21, F35, E72, E68, and R61. 
Added the coding function for the AHM (Trailer Module) and NFRM (Footwell Module) under E89. 
Optimized system names displayed after quick test. 
Optimized the Actuation Test function for GWS (Gear sel''||''&''||''#101;ctor Switch), DME (Digital Motor Electronics), EGS (Electronic Transmission Control), and VTG (Transmission Control) under E60, E65, etc. 
Optimized the Actuation Test function for 30 systems such as SGM-ZGM (Safety and Gateway Module), SGM-SIM (Safety and Information Module), SZL (Steering-Column Switch), TCU (Telematic Control unit), INSTR (Instrument cluster), CD (Control Display), CID (Central Information Display), and IHKA (Air Conditioning) under E60, E65, E70, etc. 
Optimized the coding function for DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) under E46. 
Optimized the coding function for SRS (Safety and Information Module) under E53. 
9. Optimized the coding function for KMB (Instrument Cluster) under E39.