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CHRYSLER Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V29.60

Compared with the previous version: 

updates as following: 

1) Added basic functions, actuation test, special functions, and system test for the Engine system of car models before 2005. Special functions: Clear DTCs, Reset Memory, Check VIN, Purge Vapors Test, Injector Kill Test, Generator Fuel Field Test; System test functions: EGR Systems Test, Purge Vapors Test, Generator Fuel Field Test, Minimum Airflow Test 

2). Added basic functions, actuation test, special functions, and system test for the PCM, ABS, HVAC, CSWM, WCM, BCM, and MSMD systems of car models after 2008. PCM special functions: Cam Crank Relearn, Learn ETC, Reset Memory; PCM system test functions: EGR System Test, Injector Kill Test; ABS special functions: Brake Sensor Zero Calibration, Bleed Brakes; HVAC special functions: Most Recent Cool Down Test Results, First Passed Cool Down Test Results; HVAC system test functions: Actuator Calibration Test, HVAC Cool Down Test; BCM special functions: Illuminated Approach Time, Flash Hazard Lamps On Lock; BCM system test functions: View Remote Start Abort Data, View Remote Start Inhibit Data; WCM special functions: Erase All Ignition Keys, Program Ignition Keys or Key FOBs; WCM system test functions: TPM Sensor Rolls Test, Antenna Loop Test, TPM Trigger Module Test 

3) Optimized the following special functions for the WCM system of car models after 2008: Program Right Front Tire Sensor ID, Program Left Front Tire Sensor ID 

4) Optimized the special function Stationary Desoot for the PCM system of 2013 car models. 

5) Optimized the CCD-protocol system access connector hint message for car models before 2004. 

Support products: 

        X-431 V,X-431 V+,X431 5C,X431 5C PRO,Diagun III,X431 IV,X431-GDS I,X431-GDS II,X431 Pad,X431-3G II,X431-3G III,Matco PAD,X431 PAD II,X431 Pro,X431 PRO3,ScanPad071,ScanPad101,MaxGo,Maximus2.0,golo技师国内版,X431_HD