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CITROEN Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V40.87

Compared with the previous version: 

updates as following: 

1、 Added the functions Read Version Information, Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, and Read Data Streams for the Engine systems EDC17CP52_UDS and SID208 of JUMPER 3 Euro 5. 
2、 Added the functions Read Counter and Write Counter for the Gearbox BVMP of NEMO. 
3、 Added the following special functions for the Gearbox CFC300P_HY of DS5 Hybrid 4: Gearbox Learning, Clutch Position Point Programming, Transmission Initialization, Hydraulic Circuit Bleeding, Hydraulic Circuit Depressurization, Hydraulic Circuit Pressurization 
4、 Added Adaptation Initialization and Acceleration Pedal Initialization for the Gearbox BVA_AL4 of C-ELYSEE\DS3\C3 A51\C4(B7)\C4L(B7)\C3 Ai51\C3 AIRCROSS (Ai58)\C3 PICASSO (Ai58)\DS4\C8 CAN\C4\C4 PICASSO\C4 SEDAN\C5 (X7). 
5、 Added the following special functions for the Gearbox BVMP of DS3\C3 A51: Read and Clear Clutch Counter, Clutch Cycle Counter, and Gearbox Counter, Set Gearbox Actuator to Remove Position, Set Gearbox Actuator to Installation Position 
6、 Added the following special functions for the Gearbox BVA_AM6 of C4\C4 PICASSO\C4 SEDAN\C6\C8 CAN\C5 (X7): Manual Configuration, Semi-trailer Automatic Configuration, Lubricant Read/Write Counter, Neutral Position Programming, Replace A/T without Replacing ECU, Replace Automatic Gearbox Oil, Replace A/T without Replacing ECU 

Support products: 

        X431-GDS I、X431-GDS II、X431-3G II、X431-3G III、X431 IV、X-431 V、X-431 V+、Diagun III、X431 Pad、Matco PAD、X431 PAD II、X431 Pro、X431 PRO3、X431 iDiag、EasyDiag、ScanPad071、ScanPad101、MaxGo、Maximus 2.0、CRP229、golo技师