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FIAT Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V34.50

 Compared with the previous version: 

updates as following: 

        Added the following 164special functions for the ACC, ADCM, AFLS, AHBM, AHM, AMD, BSM, CTM, DDM, DMRL, DMRR, EPPM, ESM, FFCM, FSM, HALF, HFM, HIDT, HSM, ITM, LTM, MSMD, MSM, MTA, PDM, PEM, PLGM, PLGM, PSDMR, PSDML, RMN, RRM, TGW, TRM, TRM, VES2, VTM, WCM, PDMsystem of FIAT cars 2011 Ypsilon, 2012 Flavia, 2013 Flavia, 2012 -2015 Thema, 2012 -2015 Voyager, 2011 Giulietta, 2013 4C, 2008 Mito, 2012-2015 500, 2012 500L,2014 -2015 500L, 2012 Panda, 2012 Viaggio, 2011-2015 Freemont, 2008 Fiorino Qubo, 2009 Punto EVO, 2014 Ducato, 2014 Ottimo, 2007 Cinquecento, 2008 Doblò, 2015 Doblò, 2015 

 Support products: 

        X431 Pad II (Android)、X431 Pro、X431 PRO(2016)、X431 Pro3、X431 Pro3s、EasyDiag、X-431 V、X-431 V+、X431V+(2016)、X431V(2016)、ScanPad071、ScanPad101、CRP229、X431 Pro4、Golo Technician、Golo Technician(merged version)、X431 PADIII、EasyDiag2.0