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Geely Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V21.22

Compared with the previous version: 
updates as following: 
1.Gleagle GC7 4G18D UAES Engine(CAN) 
2.Gleagle GX718 TAKATA SRS(KWP2000) 
3.Gleagle Panda(LC-1) JTEKT EPS 
4.Emgrand EC7 4G18D UAES Engine(CAN) 
5.Emgrand EC820 UAES BCM(UDS) 
6.Emgrand EC7 4G18N UAES Engine(CAN) 
7.Emgrand EC7 4G18N Engine Delphi MT22.1(CANBUS) 
8.Englon SC3 UAES Engine(KWP2000) 
9.Englon SC3 Delphi MT20U2 
10.Englon SC3 SABS MK70 ABS 
11.Englon SC3 AUTOLIV SRS 
12.Englon SC3 Immobilizer(UAES EMS) 
13.Englon SC6 UAES Engine(UDS) 
14.Englon SC6 Continental MK70 ABS(KWP2000) 
15.Englon SC6 Continental MK70 ABS(UDS) 
16.Englon SC6 TRW SRS(UDS) 
17.Englon SC6 DeKe ICU(CANBUS) 
18.Englon SC6 TongZhi TPMS 
19.Englon SC6 BMCS 
20.Englon SC6 YanFeng Visteon A/C 
21.Englon TX4 Delphi 7.4 ABS(UDS) 
22.Englon TX4 TAKATA SRS(KWP2000) 
23.Englon TX4 JiCheng Immobilizer(DELPHI EMS) 
24.Englon SC515 UAES Engine(KWP2000) 
25.Englon SC515 BOSCH ABS8 
26.Englon SC515 ShangHai STEC Immobilizer 
27.Englon SC7 Delphi MT80 Engine(KWP2000) 
28.Englon SC7 UAES Engine(KWP2000)