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GM Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V44.30

Compared with the previous version: 
        updates as following: 
        1. Resolved test problems, for example, DTC not defined, data stream value incorrect, related operations missing, failed to perform some functions, and module function not developed. 
        2. Optimized the Data Stream function for the GM of 1996-2013. 
        3. Optimized the Cylinder Power Balance function for some car models of 1996-2013. 
        4. Optimized the Read Freeze Frame function for the GM. 
        5. Optimized the DTC and Data Stream functions for the ATC system of 1996-2013. 
Support products: 
        X431 IV、DIAGUN III、X431-3GII、X431-3GIII、X431-GDSI、X431-GDSII、X431 Pad、X431 Pad II (Android)、Matco PAD、X431 Pro、X431 Pro3、X431 iDiag (Android)、EasyDiag、X - 431 V、X-431 V+、ScanPad071、ScanPad101、MaxGo、Maximus 2.0、CRP229