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HONDA Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V45.90

Compared with the previous version: 

updates as following: 

1. Optimized the Quick Test and System Scanning functions. 
2. Optimized the Actuation Test and ALL SENSOR functions for the ABS system. 
3. Added the following actuation test functions and special functions for the IMA system: Battery Fan Test, Electric Water Pump Test, Coolant Air Bleeding, Motor Rotor Position Sensor Learning, Twin Motor Unit Motor Rotor Position Sensor Learning, ECU Clear, High Voltage Battery/Motor-High Voltage Battery ECU Replacement 
4. Optimized the function Brake Pad Maintenance Mode for the EPB system. 
 Optimized special functions for the Airbag system and added the ODS Unit Initialization function. 

Support products:

X431-GDS I,X431-GDS II,X431-3G II,X431-3G III,X431 IV,X-431 V,X-431 V+,Diagun III,X431 Pad,Matco PAD,X431 PAD II,X431 Pro,X431 PRO3,X431 iDiag,EasyDiag,ScanPad071,ScanPad101,MaxGo,Maximus2.0,MaxMe,CRP229,Golo技师,Golo技师合并版,ISO D