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How to download software of X431 scanners

Recently,many customers found us and told that they had problems downloading the software.
Let me make an easy explanation about this today.
We have 4 hot sale scanner on our website www.x431shop.com, they are X431 V+, X431 V,X431 IV, X431 DiagunIII.
All of them need to be activated the authority. Many customers do not understand why they can not download the software after they registered the product.It is because the authority,only after we activate for you, can you download the software without IP limit.Before this processing ,you need to provide us with your device serial number, the country and the language you are going to use in.Generally, it will take 1-2 working days to activate,after activation, you can download the software freely.
There are also some people do not know how to register their products.You need to go to LAUNCH official website to register a CC account and log in then you can register your products.Our dealer code is 86A, and the password can be found in the password paper along with the package.
X431 IV and DiagunIII are the older version, so they need you to download the software to a CF card, then plug the card into the unit, so that you can use the software.To get more details of download,pls click
X431 V and X431 V+ no need a CF card, they support one-click update.Get more details of how to use the tools.
Anyway, the downloading is not very hard.