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Jpisuzu Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V15.00

Compared with the previous version: 
 updates as following: 
1. Following car models with following systems have been added Actuation Test;
2009-2011 C&E Series Truck and LV/LT Series Bus Chassis with ABS 6 system; 
2009-2011 TF/UC Series Truck with 3.5L V6 6VE1 Hitachi system; 
2009-2011 C&E Series Truck with ABS/IESC, ESC(with EBS) and EBS systems. 
2. For 2012 N series, F&G series, C&E series, TF/UC series and LT/LV series, systems of CANBUS protocol have been added Read Data Stream and Read DTCs, etc.