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LANCIA Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V16.20

Compared with the previous version: 
The updates are as follows: 
Specific systems have been added for the following models: 
Car model: PHEDRA (180) 
Systems: Brose Driver's Door 
Brose passenger door 
Delphi multi-switch (COM2003) 
PSA Marelli Connect (CAN) 
Siemens Tyre Pressure Control 
Inalfa centre sunroof (CAN) 
Inalfa front sunroof (CAN) 
Inalfa rear sunroof (CAN) 
Texton sliding doors (CAN) 
PSA DAV Connect Command (CAN) 
Marelli Diesel additive control (CAN) 
PSA Denso Climate Control (CAN) 
Johnson EV Body Computer (BSI CAN) 2 
Car model: PHEDRA 
Systems: Inalfa central sunroof 
Inalfa front sunroof 
Inalfa rear sunroof 
Car model: THESIS 
Systems: Borletti/Hella climate control