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MAZDA Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V40.60

Compared with the previous version: 

updates as following: 

        1、Added the functions Urea Hose Leak Test, Urea Injector Test, and Urea Pump Test for the PCM system of CX-7. 
        2、Added the function Passenger Seat Weight Sensor Re-zero for the RCM system of MPV/MAZDA5/MAZDA6/MX-5/RX-8. 
        3、Added the functions Engine Start Frequency and MAF Correction for the PCM system of TITAN. 
        4、For Escape /Tribute / Mariner, added the function Rear Tones Test for the APIM system. 
        5、Added the function Slope Sensor Initialization for AZ-WAGON/CAROL/SCRUM/AZ-OFFROAD/FLAIR WAGON/FLAIR. 
        6、Added the function Starter Driving Counter for CAROL/FLAIR WAGON/SCRUM/FLAIR. 
        7、Added the function Lockout Mode Reset for the FFH system of MAZDA6/MPV. 
        8、Added the function Reset KAM for the PCM and TCM systems of Ranger / Mazda B-Series / Courier, Fiesta / Mazda 121 / Bantam, PROBE / MX-6, BT-50 / Ranger. 
        9、Added the PATS Functions for the IC system of MAZDA3 / AXELA, MAZDA6 / ATENZA. 
 Support products:

        X431 Pad II (Android),X431 Pro,X431 Pro3,X-431 V+,ScanPad071,ScanPad101,X-431 V,X431 Pro4,Golo Technician,Golo Technician(merged version),CPR229,PR03S,X431 PADIII,EasyDiag,iDiag,X431 PRO(2016),X431V(2016),X431V+(2016),PRO_HD2,X431-GDS I,X431-GDS II,Diagun III,X431 Pad,Matco PAD,MaxMe,Maximus2.0,MaxGo,easydiag2.0,goloEasydiag+