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Mitsubishi Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V30.70

Compared with previous version: 
updates as following: 
1.Optimized software structure and interface of quick diagnosis; 
2.For Outlander (GF#) in Europe Area, added Rain Sensor Adaption to LIN system; 
3.For I, I-MIEV in Japan, Europe and General Area, I-MIEV in USA and Australia Area, improved KOS Customization of Keyless Operation System; 
4.For COLT CZC in Europe Area, COLT CABRIOLET in Australia and General Area, improved Data Stream and Actuation Test of RHT/TOPSTACK System; 
5.For ECLIPSE SPYDER in USA Area, improved Actuation Test of RHT/TOPSTACK System; 
6.For LANCER (CY#) and OUTLANDER (CW#) in USA Area, improved Special Function of Satellite Radio System; 
7.For PAJERO (V8#, V9#) in Japan and Australia Area, PAJERO / MONTERO (V8#,V9#) in Europe and General Area, added Reset function to 2 IDs of CAN/LIN/SWS converter system; 
8.For OUTLANDER (CW#) in USA and Australia Area, OUTLANDER (CW#) / OUTLANDER EX (CW#) in General Area, improved Test function of AWC system; 
9.For MINICAB-MIEV, I-MIEV in Japan Area, I-MIEV in Europe, USA, Australia and General Area, improved Coding function and Initialization function of EV-ECU system, and added Special Function to BMU system, including: Writing Learned Values (Replaced ECU), CMU ID Numbering, Battery Voltage Stabilization, Accumulator Charge Measure and Accumulator Automatic Capacity Measure; 
10.For MINICAB-MIEV in Japan Area, added Actuation Test and following Special Function to COMP''||''&''||''HTR System: Temperature Dial Position Adjustment, Compressor Drive History Reset; 
11.For Outlander (GF#) in Europe Area, Mirage in General Area, added Actuation Test and Forced Power Output to OSS system; 
12.For I-MIEV in all areas, added Actuation Test and Test function to MiEV Remote System.