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Shanghai LAUCNCH is highly valued by customers in Americas

The coolness of early deepens slowly. Several customers from Americas traveled to Shanghai LAUNCH to inspect and visit.After fully understanding the strength , R & D capabilities and detailed product introductions of the company, they spoke highly of Launch lift on product quality and warm service, and clearly expressed the intention that they will establish long-term cooperative relationshp with LAUNCH.
The customers visited the company's factory , workshop and exhibition hall, accompanied by General manager Hu,Manager Wang and others of LAUNCH.They listened carefully to the introduction of the company's overall situation , product features, technical processes ,technology features, market positioning,and future development goals,etc. The customers was listening with great interest and asked questions,learning equipment operation and product details from different aspects. After a comprehensive understanding of the company's production operations and process technology, they gave a high evaluation to LAUNCH: "The Launch factory was very impressive. I met the General Manager and one of their engineers took us on the tour.There was a group of East Europeans also doing a tour. The plant was very clean, well-organized, and had a definitely un-Chinese approach to safety and worker welfare. I was very impressed. I am very anxious to receive the lifts after having seen how they are produced and tested. They will be a quality product to add to our offering. " They thought Shanghai LAUNCH is greatly different from other Chinese companies in the environment , organization, security, and employee benefits and other aspects .They also had full confidence in coming cooperation with LAUNCH.   
Recognition of customers is our greatest motivation . After years of hard work, Shanghai LAUNCH is alway serving domestic and foreign customers with reasonable prices , high quality of service, supplying them excellent products .Pay attention to production, distribution , sales, services and other sectors,various Models of lift gains praise and recognition form customers in domestic and foreign.The coming guidance of American customers  will no doubt greatly arouseemployee's pride and accomplishment , customers' recognition and praise will also be a powerful force makes we continue to move forward!