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TIANJIN FAW Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V16.70

Compared with the previous version: 
updates as following: 

First. Added JUMPER D60 vehicle last systems function: 

         1.CA7158E4(4GA5/MT):EMS,ABS(MK78),SRS,IMMO,EPS,ESC(MK100), BCM,PEPS. 
         2.CA7158E4S(4GA5/MT ISS):EMS,ABS(MK78),SRS,IMMO,EPS,ESC(MK100),BCM, PEPS. 
         4.CA7158E5(4GA5/MT):EMS,ABS(MK78),SRS,IMMO,EPS,ESC(MK100), BCM,PEPS. 
         5.CA7158E5S(4GA5/MT ISS): EMS,ABS(MK78),SRS,IMMO,EPS,ESC(MK100),BCM, PEPS. 
         6.CA7188E5Z(2ZR/AT):EMS, AT, ABS(MK78),SRS,IMMO,EPS,ESC(MK100),BCM, PEPS. 
Second. Added last vehicles all functions of EMS system: 

         1.VITA : CA7150BUE5S series(4GA5/MT DENSO 2nd)QH. 
         2.N5/N7:TJ7133AUE5S(DENSO 2nd), TJ7133E5S(DENSO 2nd)QH, TJ7103E4QH (CA3GA5). 
Third. Added last vehicles all functions of EMS and AT system: 
         1.VITA: CA7150BUE4 series(4GA5/AT DENSO 2nd)QH. 
         2.N5/N7: TJ7133E4(4AT/DENSO 2nd)QH. 
Four. Added last vehicles all functions of IMMO system: 

         1.N5/N7: TJ7133AUE4Q(DENSO 2nd ISS), TJ7133UE4(DENSO 2nd) , TJ7133AUE4(DENSO 2nd), TJ7133UE5(DENSO 2nd), TJ7133AUE5(DENSO 2nd),TJ7133AUE5S(DENSO 2nd),TJ7133E4(DENSO 2nd)QH, TJ7133E5(DENSO 2nd)QH, TJ7133E5S(DENSO 2nd)QH,TJ7133E4Q(DENSO 2nd ISS)QH, TJ7133E4(4AT/DENSO 2nd)QH. 
         2.VITA: CA7150BUE4 series(4GA5/MT DENSO 2nd)QH,CA7150BUE5 series (4GA5/MT DENSO 2nd)QH,CA7150BUE5S series (4GA5/MT DENSO 2nd)QH,CA7150BUE4 series (4GA5/MT DENSO 2nd ISS)QH,CA7150BUE4 series (4GA5/MT DENSO 2nd)QH. 
Support products: 

        X-431 V,X-431 V+,X431-GDS I,X431-GDS II,X431 IV,Diagun III,X431 Pad,X431 iDiag,EasyDiag,X-431 PRO,X-431 PRO3,X-431 PRO3S,X-431 PRO4,Golo Technician,Golo Technician(merged version),X-431 PADIII,X-431 PROS,X-431 V2016, X-431 V+2016, X-431 PRO2016,X-431 HD2, easydiag 2.0, golo easydiag+