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TOYOTA Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V47.70

Compared with the previous version: 
updates as following: 
1. Optimized Actuation Test for car models such as DYNA, Prius PHV, iQ EV, MR2 Spyder, COROLLA, Rav4 EV, RAV4, LFA, and ES300h in Europe and other regions. 
2. Added the checkmode special function for the Plug-in Control system of the SCION iQ EV car model and added the Starter Actuation Count Utility for the Hybrid Control system of the RAV4 EV car model. 
3. Corrected the Actuation Test function of the engine system for car models such as RAV4, VANGUARD, CAMRY, COROLLA, BLADE, CROWN, MARK X, and CROWN HV in Japan. 
4. Added the customization function for the instrument cluster, A/C, immobilizer system, car body system, airbag system, etc in Japan. 
5. Optimized the DTC library of the electrical transmission system of TOYOTA 86, FT-86, SCION FR-S, etc. 
6. Optimized the ECT system of SCION FR-S in North America and the ECT system of TOYOTA FT-86 in Japan.