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Toyota Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V48.40

rol system: Wireless Door Lock Diagnosis Mode 

Added the following functions for the Hybrid Control system: B1 Air Bleeding, HV Batt Cell Low Volt Ready ON Prevention Cancel, Temporary Vehicle Start Up, Normal Battery Stack Average Voltage Calculation, Prediagnostic Battery Charge, Battery Diagnosis, Battery Status Info update, Idling Stop Information, ROM/RAM Check 

Added the following functions and corrected the Bleeding function for the ABS system: ECB Utility, ECB 2.0/2.5 Utility, Brake Fluid Replacement, VSC Sensor Neutral Memorization, VSC/TR(A)C/4WD Control Prevention Mode 

Support products
        X431-GDS I、X431-GDS II、X431-3G II、X431-3G III、X431 IV、X-431 V、X-431 V+、Diagun III、X431 Pad、Matco PAD、X431 PAD II、X431 Pro、X431 PRO3、X431 iDiag、ScanPad071、ScanPad101、MaxGo、Maximus2.0、MaxMe、AutoLaunch、golo技师