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USAFORD Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V43.30

Compared with the previous version: 
updates as following: 
1. Optimized data stream units. 
2. Optimized the data stream refresh speed. 
3. Added the graphical display function for data streams in Actuation Test of PAD products. 
4. For 6.2L, 6.4L, 6.7L, and 6.8L high-emission F series car models before 2014, added the functions of Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, and Read Data Streams in Automatically Search for the following systems: ABS (Anti-lock Brake System), ACM (Air conditioning module), AHCM (Auxiliary heater control module), APIM (Auxiliary Protocol Interface Module), ATCM (All terrain control module), CDIM (Circuit stop ignition module), CLM#1 (Steering column lock module) , C_CM (Cruise control module), DCSM (Driver/dual climate control seat module) , DSM (Driver front seat module), DSP (Digital Signal Process), FCDIM (Front Control/Display Interface Module), FCIM (Front Control Interface Module), FLM (Front Headlight Control Module), GPSM (Global positioning system (GPS) module), HSWM (Heated steering wheel module), HUD (Heads Up Display), HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), IPC (Instrument panel cluster), IPM_A (Image processing module A), LTM (Lifted door/trunk module), OCSM (Occupant classification system module), PAM (Parking assist module), PCM (Powertrain control module), PSCM (Passenger seat climate control module), RCM (Airbag module), RFA (Remote control function actuator), RLCM_A (Tail lamp control module A), SCCM (Steering column control module), SOD_L (Side obstacle detection control module - left), SOD_R (Side obstacle detection control module - right), TBC (Trailer brake control module), TCCM (Transfer case control module), TCM (Transmission control module)