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USAFORD Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V45.50

Compared with the previous version: 

updates as following: 

1. Added the CCM1 Calibration function for the CCMii and C-CM systems of Mondeo, MKS, Edge, Explorer, Taurus, Kuga/Escape. 
2. Added the Module Reset function for the SOD-L and SOD-R systems of GALAXY\S-Max, Mondeo, Focus C-MAX. 
3. Added the Passenger System Reset_OCS Reset function for the RCM and OCSM systems of Navigator, LS, Explorer, Freestar / Monterey, Focus. 
4. Optimized the INCODE mode of the PATs function for the PCM and IC systems of Focus, Focus C-MAX, Navigator, Milan, Zephyr/MKZ, Fiesta, Mondeo, Transit, Flex, Edge, F-Series Super Duty. 
5. Modified and verified test issues, and resolved some complaints. 

Supported products:
X431-3GII,X431-3GIII,X431-GDSI,X431-GDSII,X431 Pad,X431 Pad II (Android),Matco PAD,X431 Pro,X431 Pro3,X-431 V,X-431 V+,ScanPad071,ScanPad101,MaxGo,Maximus 2.0,X431_HD,Diagun III,X431-Diagun,X431-QuiCheck,Iso D,X431-Solo,X431-Nano,X431-EuroPro,maxme,X431 Pro4,GOLO技师,GOLO技师合并版,X431-Master/GX3,X431-AutoBook,X431-Tool ,新X431-Tool,新X431-AutoBook,X431 IV,X431