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Volvo Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V41.91

Compared with the previous version: 
updates as following: 
1. For the ECM system of S60(2011,2012) and S80(2009,2010), optimized the following special functions: 
(1)Resetting the adaptation values 
(2)Adaptation of oil level sensor 
(3)Checking injectors 
(4)Activation brake vacuum pump 
(5)Adaptation of camshafts 
2. For the SRS system of S60(2011) and S80(2008), optimized the following special function: 
(1)Calibrating the occupant weight sensor (OWS) 
3. For the REM system of S60(2008), S80(2003,2005), and XC90(2007,2012), optimized the following special functions: 
(1)Reading off the alarm cause 
(2)Programming of Parking Assistance Module(PAM) 
(3)Calibrating the position sensor for Bi-Xenon lamps 
4. For the PHM system of S80(2001), V50(2005), XC90(2005-2006), V70(2007), S60(2003), and C30(2011), optimized the following special functions: 
(1)Service check forVolvo On Call 
(2)Reinstalling the reserve battery 
(3)Resetting the carphone code 
5. Added manual special functions.