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Volvo Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V42.00

Compared with the previous version: 
        updates as following: 
        1. For the PSM system of S80(1999,2000), XC90(2003), and V50(2006), optimized the following special functions: 
        (1)Programming the seat temperature(CEM) 
        (2)Checking current values 
        (3)Programming the remote control setting 
        2. For the CCM system of S80(1999,2000,2001,2003,2005,2011,2012),S60(2001,2004,2008),XC90(2003,2005,2007,2011),S40(04-)(2011),XC60(2010,2011), and XC70(2005,2009), optimized the following special functions: 
        (1)Programming the climate control module(CCM) 
        (2)Adjusting parameters,ECC 
        (3)Compartment fan afterblow,status 
        (4)Rear view mirror light sensitivity 
        (5)Action for falling temperature and cold draught in passenger compartment 
        3. For the PSM system of S40(04-)(2008),S80(07-)(2007),S60(11-)(2011),C70(06-)(2006), optimized the following special functions: 
        (1)Read out of the number of programmed remote keys 
        (2)Read-out part number and serial number,Remote keyless Entry(RKE) 
        (3)Programmed values,Keyless setting 
        (4)Checking all antennas 
        (5)Check the communication with the remote control receiver 
        (6)Remote control 
        (7)Test of internal memory 
        (8)Activation of quick-lock motors 
        4. Optimized the one-key scanning function and system menus for 2013-2014 car models. 
        5. Optimized the data stream refresh speed. 
        6. The configuration library has been encrypted. 
        7. The basic functions of ECM for the MY 1997 and 1998 have been improved. 
        8. The basic functions of DIM for the MY 2013 and 2014 have been improved. 
        9. The text library in French has been up''||''&''||''#100;ated. 
        10. The menu has been optimized. 
Support products: 
        X-431 3G II, X-431 GDS I, X-431 3G III, X-431 GDS II, X-431 IV,X-431 Diagun III,X-431 Pad, X-431 Matco PAD, X-431 PRO ,X431 iDiag (Android),EasyDiag,X-431 V, X-431 V+ ,ScanPad071,ScanPad101,X431 PRO3,MaxGo,Maximus 2.0,CRP229,X431 PAD II,diagun