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X431 Series GM SoftwareV46.20

 Compared with the previous version: 

        What's new 
 1.new functions 
        1)Optimized the function VIN Matching in automatic scan for 1996-2013 car models. 
        2)updated the functions Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Version Information, and Read Data Streams for 1996-2013 car models. 
        3)Optimized actuation test and special functions for some 2010-2017 car models. 
        4)Optimized the function Clear DTCs for the Airbag system of 2013 Chevrolet Sail. 
        5)Optimized the function Read DTCs for the Engine system of 2003 Saturn VUE. 
 2.optimized functions 
        Optimized the software structure.