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How to use Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet Scanner ?

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How to set up Wi-Fi in the Launch X431 V 8inch?

How to set up Launch X431 V 8inch WiFi & Bluetooth for vehicle diagnosis? Here this blog is the WiFi & Bluetooth setup manual for reference.

Part 1: How to set up Wi-Fi in the Launch X431 V 8inch scan tool

Attention: If you don’t need to use Wi-Fi for a while, you can turn it off to conserve
battery life.

X-431 V has built-in Wi-Fi that can be used to get online. Once you’re online,
you can register your X-431 V, browse the Internet, get apps, send email and
check for software updates.

I. Connect to a Wi-Fi network
1. On the home screen, tap Settings > WLAN.
2. Slide the Wi-Fi switch to ON, X-431 V will start searching for available
wireless networks.
3. Select a wireless network,
– If the chosen network is open, X-431 V will connect automatically;
– If the selected network is encrypted, a network password will need to be
4. When “Connected” appears, tap the Enter button to exit and return to the home screen.

Note: When Wi-Fi is not required, this should be disabled to conserve battery
Once it is connected successfully, tap the Wi-Fi network from the list to view its
name, link speed, security type, IP address etc.
When this tool is in range, it will connect to the previously linked network

II. Disconnect from a Wi-Fi network
1. On home screen, tap Settings > WLAN.
2. Tap the network with a Connected status, then tap “Disconnect”

III. Vehicle diagnosis via WiFi


Part 2: How to perform Bluetooth setting in the new LaunchX431 V scan tool

I. Bluetooth setting
Enter X-431 V Bluetooth setting screen (“Settings” –> “Bluetooth”), slide the
Bluetooth switch to ON and X-431 V will start searching available Bluetooth
device, tap the desired connector to pair.

By default, the Bluetooth name is 98549*****00 (where ***** stands for 5 digits.).
Note: In case no Bluetooth setting is done before diagnostic software is launched,
you can also configure it while using the software.

II. Car diagnosis via Bluetooth
Tap –> “Diagnostic” to enter the vehicle selection page.
Take Demo as an example to demonstrate how to diagnose a vehicle.
1). Tap the “DEMO”, the following dialog box appears:


2). Tap “DEMO” to ignore Bluetooth connection and jump to the DEMO system selection screen. (Note: No Bluetooth connection is required for DEMO program.)


3). Tap “Engine”, the system will jump to the function menu.


Read DTC


Read Data Stream



Also, special functions and reset service are available.

How to download Launch X431 V 8 inch app?

Launch X431 V 8 inch tablet scanner feedback his UI has no APP that shown in the video we made.


Attach pictures:

  1. Has APP in the video we made


  1. Has no this APP in my UI.


Here working solution:

Click the official site: http://www.dbscar.com/, click on “Download Software”, select “V for Android” to download.


Actually, the Launch X431 V 8inch package includes a “Quick Start Guide (EN) and user manual follow it to operate.


How to Register Launch X431 V 8.0 Inch Tablet Bluetooth scanner?

Following the steps as below, it is easy to do.

During initial use, tap the X-431 V icon on the home screen and you will see some illustrations that guide you through some of important operations of the application. Scroll your screen to left to read it until the “Start Now” page appears. Tap “Start now” to enter the main menu screen.


Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet user registration

Tap “Login” on the upper right corner of the main menu screen:


If you are a new user, tap “New Registration”.


Note: To obtain better service, you need to provide real information. Fill in the information in each field (Items with * must be filled). After inputting, tap “Register”, a screen similar to the following will appear as below, input the Serial Number and Activation Code, which can be found in the password envelope.




Note: To exit and activate it later, tap “Skip”. In this case, you can activate your connector by tapping “Activate Connector” in “Profile”. Tap “Activate” to finish your registration.


To download the diagnostic software, tap “Yes”.

Tap “No” to download and install it later.


Tap “Update” to start downloading. It may take several minutes to finish it, please be patient to wait. To pause downloading, tap “Pause”. To resume it, tap “Continue”. Once download is complete, the system will install the software package automatically.

If you have registered to be a member, input your name and password, and then tap the “Login” button to enter the main menu screen directly.

Launch X431 V 8.0 Reset to Factory setting all blank (Solved)

Problem showing: I’ve pressed the factory reset button on Launch X431 V 8.0 tablet main unit by mistake, then nothing displayed on the x431 v software, all blank, what should I do?launch-x431-factory-setting-solved

Solution from Launch Engineers:

Login into the official website with S/N and activation code which can be found in the password envelope.
Then Download the Launch X431 V application (APP) 
Problem solved.

Kindly notice: after log in, please download the firstly one !  For example



Launch X431 V Cannot Find Page when register (Solved)

I try to register Launch X431 V 8 inch diagnostic scanner on official website www.dbscar.com, but it failed me. And showed me error
Can not find the page
System error, please contact the administer!
Please try the following operation
Please make sure the spelling and format of the website in the address bar of browser is correct
If the webpage is entered with single click please inform the administer that the format of the link is incorrect

Register Launch X431 V software on App, but not on PC.


Launch X431 V 8 inch “Update Failed” Error Solution

Problem description:
I bought the Launch X431 V 8.0 tablet diagnostic scanner and it arrived yesterday. Today when i try to update X31 V tablet, it display an error “Upgrade failed”


Here is the solution:

That’s because you have not registered the scanner.
Please provide the S/N serial number to your dealer and check if you device has been activated.
If not have being activated, you will failed to update Launch X431 V 8 inch software.


Launch X431 V 8 Inch Network is not Available When Login (Solved)

Last week one customer email us :

I try to login Launch X431 V 8 inch diagnostic scanner with user name and password, but it failed me, gave me error “Currently the network is not available”

How to solve?

Solution Launch Engineers:

Turn off the internet, then connect with the internet again, the problem will be solved.


Launch X431 V 8.0 Cannot Select Vehicle Always Loading...


I tried to select car brand from Launch X431 V 8 inch tablet scanner menu, but it did’t allow me and kept loading…




Try to reset to factory setting and download App again.

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